Custom microphone covers with logo | Custom microphone windshield foam

how you will look

It's very cool to have it and it's easy to get it. More than ever.

Make an impression
with your own custom microphone cover

It doesn’t matter if you are a journalist or a youtuber, if you have a nice microphone with a logo in your hand, you feel great. You attract attention and look luxurious. Everyone will click on your channel, they will search your videos, because they know who you are and where you are from.

Custom microphone windshields will help you  look professional and amazing in front of all the people you need to look great. Let anyone know who you’re and get your logo on competitors’ screens by custom microphone windshields with own logo.

You can look like the world’s big brands. Custom windshields on microphone attract attention, at once you will be happy to pull out the microphone and show your brand to everyone.

It's very cool to have own microphone foam
and it's very easy to get it

Final price 45€ / pc

  • Include graphic support
  • Include visualisation before payment
  • Include shipping to Europe, USA, UK, Australia and more other countires

Our graphic designer will first help you prepare the logo and materials, and only then will the order be definitively confirmed.

Print on microphone windshield foam


Your custom printed microphone cover
The easiest way to make a great impression

It’s not just about the microphone, it’s about your feelings. As simple a thing as custom microphone foam will change a lot. Big brands know this, so without their own custom windshields, they won’t let anyone go anywhere.

With a nice microphone foam you will become interesting to look at. Suddenly you are not someone in the crowd, but an interesting person that everyone knows where he is from. You don’t have to be part of the world’s media, but with printed microphone windshield you can look professional, luxurious and interesting.

An unpleasant truth – if you look cheap, that’s how people treat you.

Microphone windscreens are stylish, good looking and your logo will be visible in other media and in every photo. Great chance to be visible and look better.

Don’t worry if you need to edit your logo, don’t have a monochrome variat, or can’t find a version in vectors. Our team will help you.

We will take care of you – your only task will be to enjoy the new printed mic cover.

Want to see what your own custom mic covers might look like?

You can upload your logo here

Free visualization. Imagine what you would look like and how people would look at you if you had your own microphone foam in your hand.

It will be easy to imagine. Send us your logo or describe your idea and we will send you a visualization

Custom microphone covers – windshields with logo

Print on microphone windshields helps you look amazing

Shape4 side microphone windshield (rounded square with 4 x logo)
Printing typeCut logo – high color fastness (flock)
SurfaceFlocked windshield (flock velvet)
Height100 mm height microphone windshield
Microphone hole40 mm